Friday, July 18, 2008

Back from Paellaland

Hi all, I'm back home again after a little trip to Javea, where my parents will soon move leaving Madrid. It's a very very very nice little town, with a fantastic weather, nice beaches and coves, beautiful places to visit and a fantastic cuisine (many rice recipes most of them paellas). Here you can see Fabio and Roberta licking their lips before an "arroz a banda" (paella with fish) and a "paella de marisco" (paella with seafood).

Apart from sea, sun, sand, swim and swallow, there was obviously much scribble and sketch (I'll let you see on the next days).
Back at home one of the first things I did was to take a look to the mail because I hoped Gabi's moly should be at Suzanne's and... wow, you made my day, thank you all!
I drew this with some remote psycodelia influence after the leaf turtle (and some remote memories of Moebius/Arzach atmospheres in mind, France sure knows and maybe you all). Here is my flat scan, hope colors haven't changed this time. It was made with a Copic Drawing Pen (fantaaaastic tool!!) for the linework and Stabilo 68, 88 and Faber Castell Pitt for the color.


wagonized said...

Miguel, let me salivate over the paella too!
I am so glad you mentioned Arzach undertones in your amazing contribution to Gabi's Moly. Mœbius is one of the reasons why i never stopped drawing.
I am off to find out what a Copic Drawing pen is!
¡Bravo, Miguel -- me encantan todos tus dibujos!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Aw, Miguel it's really cute to see the photo from your holiday. Yep, the paella looks good.

I can tell you now that I have learnt so much about perspective from this drawing. It really is brilliant. Great colours, too.

gabi campanario said...

paella! no sabes la suerte que tienes de poder disfrutar de la gastronomia española y europea!!! el dibujo es genial, qué suerte tener un original tuyo en mi cuaderno

oops, that came out in spanish, sorry guys, it was probably the hipnotizing effect of the paella that transported me back to my roots

juj said...

mmmm, paaaaeeeeeelllllllaaaaaaaa.... No fair! I know the stuff we get served here doesn't even come close. First of all because the shrimp would have to come out of somebody's freezer.

I have to agree with Andrea about the lesson in perspective. Thank you!

and France: Copic's ROCK. FIND ONE! You will love it. The fine liners, the markers, all of them... awesome tools.

wagonized said...

Juj! Through Suzanne, i learned about Copic markers and bought a handful. I love them. They're on my Santa list.
The Copic pen is on my wish list too (for when i drive into civilization again)!

free[k]hand said...

Juj: paella is not easy to do, even with fresh ingredients. There are so many good rices (at my home for example) that cannot be called paellas. It depends very much on the kind of fire: apart from the paella restaurants that have special appliances, the best kind of fire seems to be... a barbecue.
France: the Copic Drawing Pen is absolutely awesome, it's the best combination I know of fountain pen with a slightly flexible nib and permanent/waterproof/non-bleeding ink without inkwells, stains, pressure problems on airplanes...

free[k]hand said...

Ooops, I forgot to thank you for your comments about the perspective, but, ...hmm, actually it is full of cheats, it would be absolutely flunked on an exam!