Monday, June 30, 2008

Andrea in Suzanne's Moly

I kept Suzanne's Moly hostage, unable to even open Andrea's envelope, for about a month.  I still had Andrea's Moly to which i yet had to add my contribution.  Once that was done and out of the way (it's coming your way, Gabi!), i was able to face Andrea's next stroke of brilliance.

I think we've all said it in one way or another: seeing someone's work on paper, in the flesh as it were, is an enhanced experience from what we are used to seeing on our respective computer screens.  
First, Suzanne's drawing and collages, her ever restrained use of the marker to add just enough color, put a smile on my face.  Then, Andrea's mark, so fine and delicate that i am still gazing at her dead bugs in disbelief.  I have a vague idea of where i am going to take this one...  and i promise it won't take as long as with the previous one.  
Just gaze, guys.  Just gaze.

Here's a not-so-good shot of the Suzanne-to-Andrea Moly so far.

Friday, June 27, 2008

more Gabi-France goodness

As promised, a couple photos of France's moley. Be sure to click and enlarge so you can see how cool it is where Gabi's color merges with her sketch.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

And then I just had to share this terrific invention that Gabi sent me - a mini moley! Gabi suggests it's much easier to handle and I have to agree. Just yesterday, trying to take pics of the big one as the wind was blowing across the deck, I was noticing how much more well-behaved this little one is. He also pointed out it's quite easy to fill, and fits nicely in a pocket. I'll add it eve tucks into a small pencil pouch! How convenient is that?! What do you think guys? New format for the next round? ; )

(click to enlarge)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

sheer genius

When I first saw France's moley, I couldn't imagine how Gabi was going to continue (and I said a secret prayer of thanks that it wasn't me that had to figure it out! lol) but when I opened the book yesterday and saw what he had done I realized he'd found the perfect answer. But don't take my word for it. See for yourself:

(click to enlarge)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Acid blots

When I received Juj's moley I was working on an ad campaign for which the art director wanted a sort of atmosphere on a 1960'ish style. I seized the opportunity to reopen my old books by Mouse & Kelley, Victor Moscoso and obviously Robert Crumb. The first sketches (made when I had no idea of how to continue Juj's drawing) where considered "too acid and psychedelic" so I just did a cheesy op-art design that pleased everybody (but me). The agency cancelled all I really wanted to do but give me the idea of what to draw for Juj's moly. Surely it has been better this way.
(Unfortunately) I used an old Edding 600 Black C730 for the large black areas. Apart from the ugly stains it made on the opposite side, it expanded more and more for a large time with an strange orange hue. I covered it with a gel white pen and made this scan. I thought I had won, but when I put the sketchbook into the envelope I felt like Ripley seeing again the alien after the supposed total destruction. Ripley killed him but I though anything I should do would make things worse.
I intended to make a non colored drawing but seems the stains got even more visible while traveling (maybe it's a live drawing).

Sunday, June 8, 2008

what a long strange trip its been

After a long pause here at Moleskine Central, there is a new sketchbook to share...and boy, is a it a goodie! Juj's Moleskine, having traveled to Italy is now in North Carolina...and what a mark it's Italian host, Miguel, left in it. This is simply greatness unfolded.

Evidently Miguel has seen a leaf and thought it was a turtle, all while drawing on acid...ok, maybe not that last part...but in Miguel's own words, he was looking to create something "with the atmosphere of the psychedelic and acid art of the 60's."

I think you achieved your goal Miguel! This is incredible!