Sunday, June 8, 2008

what a long strange trip its been

After a long pause here at Moleskine Central, there is a new sketchbook to share...and boy, is a it a goodie! Juj's Moleskine, having traveled to Italy is now in North Carolina...and what a mark it's Italian host, Miguel, left in it. This is simply greatness unfolded.

Evidently Miguel has seen a leaf and thought it was a turtle, all while drawing on acid...ok, maybe not that last part...but in Miguel's own words, he was looking to create something "with the atmosphere of the psychedelic and acid art of the 60's."

I think you achieved your goal Miguel! This is incredible!


juj said...

I can't believe I get to be the first one to comment - I can't believe this drawing! I can't wait to get it back so I can see it in person!! Miguel! It's absolutely amazing - beyond my wildest dreams (even acid dreams! lol) Thank you so much. I am thrilled and awed.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Far out, man.

This is truly amazing. I bet there was a time you'd lost hope of seeing this Moley again, Juj. And now look at it!

Great stuff.

wagonized said...

Goodness, Miguel must be the most versatile of us all. Just when i think i can wrap my arms around his work, he turns around and produces something like this! What a cool clash with the previous drawing.
And the frog that says "Hola Suzanne" -- now that's the icing on the cake. Bravisimo, Miguel.

free[k]hand said...

Thank you, France I'm blushing (good none of you can see me now).
Sometimes when I feel good I think I'm a "versatile" illustrator as you say. When I feel down I see me as a skillful worker that do almost everything art directors tell him but never has been able to reach a personal stile. Today I feel the first option.
Thank you again.

BeĆ” Meira said...

This photo gives me an idea. We (all of us in molyexchange) should do a big 3 x 2 meters folder wood "moleskine" for an exibition.