Monday, June 9, 2008

Acid blots

When I received Juj's moley I was working on an ad campaign for which the art director wanted a sort of atmosphere on a 1960'ish style. I seized the opportunity to reopen my old books by Mouse & Kelley, Victor Moscoso and obviously Robert Crumb. The first sketches (made when I had no idea of how to continue Juj's drawing) where considered "too acid and psychedelic" so I just did a cheesy op-art design that pleased everybody (but me). The agency cancelled all I really wanted to do but give me the idea of what to draw for Juj's moly. Surely it has been better this way.
(Unfortunately) I used an old Edding 600 Black C730 for the large black areas. Apart from the ugly stains it made on the opposite side, it expanded more and more for a large time with an strange orange hue. I covered it with a gel white pen and made this scan. I thought I had won, but when I put the sketchbook into the envelope I felt like Ripley seeing again the alien after the supposed total destruction. Ripley killed him but I though anything I should do would make things worse.
I intended to make a non colored drawing but seems the stains got even more visible while traveling (maybe it's a live drawing).


juj said...

The client's loss is my gain! I'm thrilled to have this in my moley. and I'm glad you shared the story about the color because I was trying to figure out how you got those subtle spots. Personally, I really like them. It'll be interesting to see if it changes more as it travels. A drawing with a mind of its own - isn't that always the way?

gabi campanario said...

your drawing is fantastic Miguel, i really dig the 'trompe l'oeil' effect with the page opening up and the turtle jumping off into outer space. so cool!