Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gambling snails

I always feel that opening the packs that come from Kansas City is worth the length of the wait.
In this case it took 20 days (maybe the moley was carried by a snail to continue on topic).

Juj's art makes me always think of intelligence and smartness and this is not an exception.

As you see this moley seems a joyful tribute to Andrea's art.

Seems like those albums with songs of an artist sung by other artists in which each version keeps the art of both.

There are blendings here rather than the usual transitions.
Touring over the pages is a never ending surprise, they are full of little secrets, writings, pieces of stories and living episodes.

PS: Do you like the table? My father made it in the 70's. He worked all sunday mornings for more than one year. (Excuse me please me for the intrusion but I'm too proud).


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

I love it. I love it. I love it, Juj. Seriously, I am LOVING my Moley. Thank you all, guys. And, Juj, this is just perfect. I was secretly wishing for a snail. Thank you.

wagonized said...

Juj!! What a clever and funny entry! This is so good. Thank you, Miguel, for taking the full picture.
And i can't believe your father made this table.

gabi campanario said...

awesome continuation Judi! that snail is just marching on, he's on a mission! and i love the table Miguel, now I can see where you get some of your artistic genes from!

juj said...

Wow Miguel - I can't believe you managed to get a shot of the whole thing. We'll have to send all the molys to you at the end for one final photo on that gorgeous table before they go home. Gabi's right, easy to see where you get your talents from.

I have to confess that I owe the Italian mail service an apology. I had told Miguel I was mailing this when we got to CO, but we never found a post office so it didn't actually go out until after we got back. That mean it took more like 12 or 15 days, not 20.

And thanks Andrea - I'm so happy you like it. I was exceptionally nervous drawing in this one, especially when I decided to do something a little different. I hope I didn't interrupt the nice flow that was going on.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Nope, Juj, I don't think it interrupts the flow at all. In fact quite the opposite, I think it carries it on. At a very slow place, of course.

Just thought I'd let you guys know that Gabi's Moley was waiting for me on my return from my trip. I'll post it in the next few days. As soon as I get some light to take some photos. It, you'll never believe this, is raining quite a lot here at the moment. In fact my village has been flooded. Oh, and my car has died. Happy days.

At least we have our drawing, right?

suzanne cabrera said...

This is too good! Juj--I can't wait to see your snail goop in person! (I have a feeling I've never said that before!) And Miguel...I agree with the is beyond obvious that talent runs in your family...

Doda said...

Wow, I've just discovered this blog. I am mega impressed.

Maeve said...

My god! That table is so beautiful. It's like an Anthony Browne drawing! Reminds me of crumbling ginger bread!!

Well done on the Moley.
x Maeve