Monday, January 4, 2010

something is in the air

Contrary to the last post's title, I 'don't rock'...I stink! Here's a confession. I've been keeping a moleskine hostage for days ... weeks ...a long, long time! You see, my mail-themed moly made it around the world and back to me quite some time ago...but, I haven't posted it until now. I was keeping it all to myself.

something is in the air

Perhaps you can understand why.

something is in the air

It's like that the bite of dessert, simply too good to share! Miguel, when are you going to stop blowing my socks off? You're incredible...and you're in good company. I am SOOOO pleased with my moly.

something is in the air

Many thanks to each of you for sharing your talents with me!


freekhand said...

Thank you so much Suzanne. I'm really flattered of your comment, and honored of having the opportunity to contribute to your moley with my little drawing, mainly in the company of such a great artists.

gabi campanario said...

oh! i'm delighted to see our little moley group is back, and what a great come back!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh wow. I didn't even know this post existed. Or the drawing, for that matter. Brilliant, Miguel, brilliant. Here's to the next decade! Haha.

Karena said...

How wonderful an idea, I am just amazed!! Love your site! I do have a giveaway posted...hope you will visit.

Art by Karena