Friday, August 8, 2008

Andrea strikes again

I decided to film the opening of Miguel's Moleskine bearing Andrea's latest contribution.

See it on Vimeo.
Or fast forward to the scan and a photo:


juj said...

Oh! This is soooo amazing - I'm absolutely LOVING all the white space (negative shapes) in this moly. Miguel - be warned, I am claiming it for my own (and since it comes to me before it goes back to you you can't stop me! lol)

Andrea - the detail in those buttons is nothing short of fantastic, and exactly what I would expect coming from you.

France, thank you for sharing the video - what a treat! and I can just imagine the fragrance - the moly I have here smells incredible too. I can't wait to see this in person.

juj said...

Oh! and did you all see how she put Miguel's initials, and her initials in with the buttons?? SOOO clever!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

France, oooooooooooooh. This is too fabulous for words. I've watched it about ten times already. Your accent is stronger than I imagined, I kind of expected it to be more American. And, it really has a Scandanavian, no, perhaps German hint to it. I guess that would make sense - as you are from close to the border, no? I could be COMPLETELY wrong.

How do we follow such a post. A photo and scan may be a little boring now!

My instinct was to keep on going with the buttons, I could have covered the whole page, but I too love the white space in this one. And so somehow I managed to stop.

France, GREAT post. Thank you girls.

wagonized said...

Andrea, i keep staring at it (as well as wondering what the heck i am going to be able to follow this up with!!) and finding new things -- like the fact that the little blue rounds can be found all the way near Miguel's frog! Whoa.

Juj! I felt the same way about Andrea's Moly a few weeks back: I wanted to keep it hostage. Forever. It was hard to let go of it.

wagonized said...

Oh and yeah, some people have told me i sound German. I love the idea :-) Vielen Dank!

Rick said...

I jimped over from Andrea's blog. Now I finally know what a Moleskin is. Those Japanise must have skinned a lot of moles.

I'm off to explore you blog.


Anonymous said...

Excellent work! Those button drawings look strangely familiar :) Love the idea of a moleskin collaboration.

Joan Y said...

I enjoyed the video as much as the unveiling France! *waving* That Andrea is amazing!!! It felt like we were right there with ya ... well, I guess we were. lol. I am going to look at the closeup of Andrea's contribution now. Totally wicked, I swear!!

Joan Y said...

PS I have a crush on Marvin.

EscapeHatch said...

All of these Moleskines are incredible! What a fantastic collaboration you are all involved in. I'm jealous!

Someone should add these to the 1001 Journals Site

And if any of you would like to start another one of these I would love to get involved. You can check out my work at the Escape Hatch

melissa said...

FB-Adorable to hear your voice. I did this with my moly group, too and it is so hard to open those little buggers with a camera in your hand. I nearly dropped it on the ground.
AJ-a wonderful transition and I, too had to look back to see how far the buttons had travelled. Excellent.
Anyway, a lovely tribute that your group is sure to treasure. Take care-

gabi campanario said...

so nice to see you France! you've certainly taken things up a notch with this multimedia post, very inspiring!

andrea, great follow up to this moly, i better start thinking about what my contribution will be now, but, wait, i have to work on Suzanne's mail moly first, darn, this is hard work, we should put Google ads on this blog and earn ourselves come cash ;) where is the time!

very excited to see comments from other moleskineXers here, thanks everyone! i should go check out those other groups now

Rob said...

I just got here. This is a wonderful place, it's great to see.

free[k]hand said...

Hi France, really nice to know you! I had some blurry idea of your face from some photos of you on flickr but it's wanderful to see and hear you talking. About the moley... ufff! the first round we sent an empty sketchbook but on the second we will leave some kind of treasures on the mail service's hands, it will be much harder!

Anonymous said...