Friday, August 8, 2008

Unveiling secrets

The moment of truth is arrived (by mail) and now we finally know that Juj is actually a groundhog trainer. As this image clearly tells, Juj has some skilled contributors (will some of them become some day independent artists?)

On the next pic we can see better some face expression that makes me think the groundhog was negociating its fees.

Finally (and now seriously) a flat scan Judy sent to me in which we can see the fantastic drawing (see the fur) and the great idea of repeating Gabi's forest on the easel painting to continue the moley.

But I keep on wandering, who did the scan?
Is the idea really a Juj's idea?
Is it a portrait or a self portrait??


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

That's cheating. Juj has help. Does that mean I get can my cat to do the next drawing?

But really, are you serious? This is just stunning. I can't wait to get this one because I've always wanted to see this fur in the flesh.

Fantastic, again. Everytime I see a new drawing I feel amazed that I am part of this group. Juj, you are too cool for school.

wagonized said...

This is so good! The groundhog negotiating his fees... hahaha!

Juj, i love where your mind takes things. And then there's how you handle the pen. The groundhog is so sweet.

I too am proud to be part of all this.

juj said...

Thanks Andrea, and thanks for posting the great shot Miguel. "fur in the flesh" - heehee - I don't know why but for some reason that cracks me up.

This fat furry friend lives next door to me. I see him (her?) probably 20 times a day and he's a blast to watch. He'll let me sit on my deck and stare at him all day long, but as soon as I try and snap a picture he runs back into his hole. Must be some sort of "fear-of-soul-stealing" thing. I thought it was fitting - since Gabi's view included his neighbors yard - that mine should as well. But of course, you know me, I can never take that stuff literally.

About the drawing: I told Miguel - and now I'll tell you - I really screwed this drawing up. I had the idea for what I wanted to do - put the groundhog and the easel in and then realized I was sorely short in making it to 2 and a half pages. I kept adding things to it, but everything looked like an afterthought (which it was) so I would erase and add and erase and add... I finally ended up with a big fat mess on the side after the easel. The photos are very kind. Thankfully, so is Miguel who has promised me to cover up my blunders with lots and lots of his nice line work.

juj said...

weird - France's comment showed up before mine, but I swear it wasn't there before... anyway - so THANKS FRANCE. I wasn't trying to leave you out!

and since I got your email too I'll say I CAN'T WAIT for tomorrow to see the other moly.

wagonized said...

Juj! We have a groundhog who pays no rent in the backyard too! I named him Roger. He is, uh, full-figured, but boy can he move.
And it's hard to believe you might have screwed this up, since it's so darn well done. I can't imagine what it would have been had you not "screwed up". Hooray for accidents -- and where they take our drawings.

juj said...

Oh! France! that's crazy! what a sweet coincidence. I can't believe you have a ground hog too.

Ours is HUGE too (supposedly they only get to be about 15 pounds, but I swear this guy is at least 20-25) and yes, he is FAST fast fast. I love watching him run cause all his shiny fur ripples when he does and he looks like he's swimming thru the grass.

Hmmm, maybe I'll name ours The SS Roger...

gabi campanario said...

this blows my mind judi, brilliant concept, brilliant execution! i've already come back to look at it up close several times and will keep coming back. can't wait to see Miguel's follow up.

Joan Y said...

What's a ground hog? LOL. Dang, Juj amazes me with her thought provoking drawings and omg, that fur, THAT FUR! Gosh Miguel, what a joy it must have been to open up that moly! *secretly jealous* lol :)