Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here is the latest jewel by Andrea, folks! Can you find the little caged bird? How about the Molex?! I love it when Andrea works with black.
It's a Moly traffic jam at my house now. The pressure is back on. I have to complete Miguel's Moly and then it's on to Juj's.


suzanne said...

Oh fun!!!! Andrea...I love how you took this Moly in a completely new and unexpected direction!!!! And what an amazing collection of jewelry you have there! Can I borrow a necklace...or two?

France-- Please don't worry about the traffic jam on your end. Traffic is at a standstill at my house so Andrea won't be sending you another for a week or two :0

Joan Y said...

Oh goodness! *jaw dropping* I am thinking that I would love to own a few of those! Another beautiful drawing Andrea (thanks for sharing France!).

wagonized said...

Now do you want to know how dumb i feel? Up until about 3 minutes ago, when i went to Andrea's Flickr page, i didn't know there was a secret scarab!
Check it out here!!

free[k]hand said...

Terrific, what a magic atmosphere, seems grandma was actually a fairy grandma. And seems Andrea is a fairy too!!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Cheers, guys.

Suzanne, no worries.
France, I'm quite glad you didn't find it straight away. It means you were actually surprised by a scarab!
Miguel, granma was a crazy woman. I'll tell you about her someday.
Thank you, Joanie.

juj said...

LOVE love LOVE this Andrea! oh, my word! I can't wait to see it in person. Thank you soooo much!!!!

ps - France: no worries, traffic jam here too ~ poor miguel.

Julián Abreu said...