Thursday, April 24, 2008


Uncross your fingers: seems that all our spells, vows, candles and calf sacrifices have had a good result and our prodigal son is here.

We can forgive him the long wait: the joy's worth it!

Maybe this little guy was scared about the long run he has yet to do
(I love this lettering!)

Hey Juj, do you see into the future?
How did you know that this japanese-folded leaf would make the road from Kansas City to Bologna at turtle speed? (Wait some days till Fabio's drawing for Sophie arrives and you'll see even more prediction mysteries!)

Now seriously, a flat scan of Juj's fantastic drawing with that half coloring I love so much, and her amazing, freaky, smart, unique point of view (literally i this case) I love even more.


suzanne said...

Hip, hip, hooray!!!!! What a relief!!!!!

Beautiful job Juj! Lovely!

And a question for you ever see a stick and think its a snake?

gabi campanario said...

finally! i was running out of candles to the patron of the italian mail! a classic Juj, love it!

juj said...

oh, don't give up your candles yet, Gabi. I mailed your moly to Miguel on Tuesday!

juj said...

oops! almost forgot - suzanne:
around my house you're more likely to think it's a stick and find out it's really a snake (we even had one in the studio last fall)! but how 'bout a plastic bag and you think it's a bird?

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...


How cool. Firstly, that it finally arrived. Secondly the drawing. But then, I didn't expect anything less. Fab. I love your Converse Juj. Lots.