Friday, April 18, 2008

Where in the world is JuJ's moly!

I couldn't resist to do something with Andrea's mileage research. After doing this I realized how lucky I got having to send my moly to JuJ's, who lives pretty much in my backyard, only 1,860 miles away, compared to most of you who send yours on transatlantic journeys. I wonder if we should alter the order in the future so noone gets always stuck with paying for overseas shipping. And that way our drawings will also get to mingle with drawings that before were a few folds away. And now the more urgent and important question: where in the world is Juj's moly?


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hey, very cool Gabi. Interesting to get that different perspective on the journeys our Moleys will take. Makes them seem so vulnerable.

You know, I was also wondering the same thing about the order - but didn't want to go and complicate things. My thoughts were, perhaps, once the indivdual Moley is in the States it stays there before coming back over to Europe. Perhaps that way there will be less chance of it going missing in the intercontinental mail. So, the order would just need to be changed so that Miguel and I follow each other. That could just be a case of Miguel and Suzanne swapping places?

But hey, that could be a real pain in the arse too. Just something I'd been mulling over in my sad and empty little life!

I know I'd be absolutely gutted if I were Juj. Hope it turns up soon. Fingers crossed.

(Oh, yeah, and panic has set in with me. Drawing in somebody elses book really piles on the pressure. I'm thinking 'oh this is not good enough' etc etc. I suppose there's always collage...)

juj said...

Here's what I found out from Miguel:
"ALL the mail that comes from the USA to northern Italy get stopped in some distribution center in Milan that has a delay between one and two weeks since the Italian mail service became private, due to following staff layoffs and consequent work-to-rule.
Furthermore, I don't know if there's a technical difference in the USA between "letter" and "parcel" but if you sent the moley as parcel instead of letter, it will have a longer stop since it will pass the customs (always in that center)."

Now - what I can add to that is that when sending something in the US there really is no difference between a letter and a package, but when sending something overseas there is. UNFORTUNATELY, I sent the moley as a "package" because it was in the padded envelope - WITH a customs declaration. That is why the thing has been delayed.

Now, what I didn't realize (and no one at the post office bothered telling me) is that I don't have to do this. Apparently, because it weighs less than a pound, even if it is in a "package" I can send it as a letter, with NO customs declaration. I certainly will be doing that with the next one, and that should mean it will get there much quicker. In fact, depending on how much I get done this weekend, it could even mean Gabi's ends up there before mine!

juj said...

Oh! I completely forgot to say how cool I think this map is! I love seeing it all laid out like this - thanks Gabi!!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh Juj, that's good news - sort of. At least it doesn't mean it's lost for good. I am glad.

Miguel Herranz said...

Great sketch Gabi, seeing this routes laid out reminds me of Marco Polo, Columbus, Amundsen... but I'm sure all they will sooner or later arrive home. With a long scale in Italy, yep. I will only tell you that I've received ALL my purchases on amazon or ebay. Sometimes on time, sometimes delayed but none of them got lost.
When I send something out of Italy, if its weight is lower than 2 kg, it's I send it as "letter" to avoid customs stops.

wagonized said...

What a neat illustration of what is happening to our Moleys.
I will be using the post office in my new town soon (which is virtually across the street from my new house -- in which i am moving on Tuesday) to mail my Moley to Gabi! Just got some new padded envelopes as a matter of fact.

hipchickindc said...

This project is so awesome! I found your blog via Andrea's flickr pages.

I'll be checking in to see the progress.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

France, I need your new address! Suzanne's Moley will be on it's way to your new home soon. How exciting.