Wednesday, April 9, 2008

holy moly!!

(photo at my house:click to enlarge)

(flat scan sent by Gabi:click to enlarge)

Gabi's moleskine made it's way to my house in record time, and look how fabulous it is! It's such a treat to be able to see his work in real life without the filter of the web. My favorite part (besides the fabulous lines and colors) is the "draw bridge". Is that a command? or a description? lol! and the "this is not my car" - so funny! Now the hard part - figuring out what to draw. I think I'll just spend a few days making friends with it first.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

I'm first!

Wow, firstly I cannot believe how quick it got to Juj. The US post must be a lot more efficeint than the British...well....yeah.

This is classic Gabi. It's funny I thought I'd kind of be able to guess the direction this HORIZON theme might take, but no, this is quite a surprise. It makes me rethink what I'll do with it. I think it is probably best not to think at all - until you actually recieve the book (can you tell I'm making this up as I go along?!).

A great start to your book, Gabi. I absolutely cannot wait my hands on it!

I'll shut up now.

Jennifer Lawson said...

This is so cool. I can't wait to see more. You guys are so very talented—I am in awe!!!

wagonized said...

Oh, great start!

Miguel Herranz said...

Great start Gabi! I love the contrast between the cold palette and the warm strokes, it's so yours. And sure this is not your car, I should say it's... mine!

suzanne said...

Oh Gabi....can't tell you how excited I've been knowing the theme you've set up...and now I see you're amazing work and am ever more excited!!!! Love the perspective and notes...