Monday, April 14, 2008

our vital statistics

It's not that I have nothing better to do than cock around on the internet all day. Really. But the other day I calculated that our little books will have done 40,000 miles (ish) when they have completed their journeys. IF they complete their journey, that is. Because, the law of averages states that the Royal Mail will lose at least half of them. Yeah, I'm a glass half empty kind of gal!

Oh, and one observation I will have; these little Japanese Moleskines are bugger to draw in. Don't you agree?

(I was kicking around some ideas for Suzanne's theme here. It will look NOTHING like this.)


gabi campanario said...

yep, it's a pain to draw on these things, they unravel like a snake. btw, the drawing is wonderful and i see my name spell right, yay!

juj said...

Yes! Agreed! I don't dare try to open the darn thing unless I have all 6 hands available. Oh wait, I don't really have 6 hands, I just NEED 6 when I deal with these silly books! Not to mention the fact that I do NOT do "draw small" well. I can draw small, but I still need a big space to do it on.

On a more positive note - I've started on Gabi's book and if all goes well I may actually be able to send it by this weekend (works a bit of a bugger right now so no time for fun >:-(

amazing drawing Andrea, as usual. and frankly - I think you should just save it and paste it into Suzanne's book!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yes, you really need to have a flat surface to draw on these things. Even then, it's not easy. Certainly it's difficult sitting in an armchair with a cat wriggling around on your lap!

Juj, I was going to ask if anyone had started on the second book. I too, have started on Suzanne's but I won't be sending it on for a little while. I don't want to put anymore pressure on France - who has got a lot on at the moment. Poor thing.

Cheers folks.

Oh Gabi, I did get it right, right?!

suzanne said...

Gee whiz Andrea! Just looking at this drawing takes my breath away! Why, oh why can't this go in my book? It is ABSOLUTELY amazing. Damn...I feel inadequate!

Oh and thank you Andrea, Gabi and Juj for confirming the fact that these sketchbooks take an extra amount of effort to draw in!

wagonized said...

Oh gosh look at this!!! Amazing drawing, no less. And I could spot New Jersey on the map!
Guys please bear with me. I feel shitty about not having more than 20 minutes to draw ahead of me these days. Soon I'll be in the new house and I'll have a a desk again. As for internet connection, I'm a bit less sure!
Oh, and I stopped by on my way from work today to buy a new zig zag Moley. Yup, starting mine over.
Andrea, I love this drawing. Hooray to our little globe-trotting Moleys!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks chaps!

Suzanne, I much prefer the drawing I'm working on in your Moley. I hope you think the same.

France, you are unbelievable! Everything you do blows my socks off. I can't believe you've gone and bought yourself another Moley.

What I really want to know is - is there any news on Juj's Moley that was taking an awful long time to get to Miguel???

Miguel Herranz said...

No news from Juj's moly, I hope my postwoman turn to work next week.
Andrea, I've seen this drawing on flickr and... wow! you're unique to make this kind of touching things, I'd want this on my moly!