Friday, April 11, 2008

I got MAIL

I love this project, have I mentioned that? There's not many things that are more exciting than finding a little Moley on your doorstep - especially when it's from Suzanne Buchanan. Well, that's what happened to me yesterday.

This, I'm sure you'll agree, is classic SB. Cool, stylish and fun. A great theme too. I can't wait to start drawing in it. I'm just going to pluck up the courage first. Oh, and because I'm as obsessive with a camera as I am with a pen you can see much more of Suzanne's Moley HERE.


juj said...

Awesome awesome awesome Suzanne! I love the collaged bits and the way you've blended them so seamlessly. Andrea's right, it's classic SB -

just like Andrea's is classic AJ and Gabi's classic Gabi and so on and so on. It appears that even when faced with something outside our comfort zones, none of us can help but be ourselves. Cool!

gabi campanario said...

classic SB indeed, love that loose line and coloring! (interesting factoid: when i was a kid in school and we got our grades, the top grade was a 'sobresaliente' and it was always abbreviated on the report card as SB. So there you have it Suz, sobresaliente!)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yeah, it is very interesting to see Suzanne's work up close. It's so different to how I work, almost opposite, the loose lines and colouring with markers. I always think it must take an awful lot of guts to use markers. I guess they are pretty unforgiving?

And, sobresaliente is right!

Anita Davies said...

I've been watching and 'ooohing' and 'arrrring' over all the delicious work!
Is the paper in the zigzag the same as the sketchbook moley?

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yes, Anita, it seems to be the same paper.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Andrea.

Miguel Herranz said...

Wow Suzanne, the idea of the presentation, the stamps and the yellow paper is great! And the drawing is so cool... Really a Celebration!